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  2. This Association shall be known as the Senior Golf Association of Wisconsin, Inc.
  4. The purpose of the Association shall be to promote the best interests of the game of golf in the State of Wisconsin, to encourage good fellowship and friendly competition in golf among its membership and to hold such events as are deemed to be in the best interests of the membership of the Association.
  6. Section 1. Membership in this Association shall be open to any person who is 55 years of age or older, has amateur standing, and has a golfing membership in an approved (by this Association) private membership golf club in the State. The application must be proposed by a member and endorsed by another member, on the application forms provided by the Association, giving applicant’s full name, mailing address, date of birth, golf club affiliation and activities. Such application must be signed by the proposer and seconder and addressed to the Secretary. For purposes of this section, a person shall be deemed to be 55 years of age for the entire year in which he becomes 55, regardless of his birth date.
  7. Notwithstanding the above, any existing member shall be eligible to retain membership when the member's club loses it's approved private club status. The member must, however, maintain a golfing membership in such club. Further, after a club loses it's approved private golf club status, no new member may join from such club.
  8. Section 2. Any member may be expelled by the Board of Directors after notice has been given the member of the charges. The member shall then be given due opportunity to be heard by the Board. All charges shall be considered substantiated by failure of the member charged to make an answer or to appear before the Board.
  9. Section 3. The membership of the Association shall be limited to five hundred members excluding Honorary Members and Life Members
  10. Section 4. Members of the Association shall be classified for tournament play as follows:
    1. 55 to 59 inclusive Class A
    2. 60 to 64 inclusive Class B
    3. 65 to 69 inclusive Class C
    4. 70 to 74 inclusive Class D
    5. 75 to 79 inclusive Class E
    6. 80 years and over Class F
  11. Section 5. Any distinguished or worthy person may, by vote of the Board of Directors, be designated an Honorary Member of the Association. An Honorary Member may enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership, but is exempt from the payment of initiation fees and annual dues.
  12. Section 6. Any member who has reached the age of eighty years and has been a member of the Association for fifteen years shall be placed on the membership roll as a Life Member. Life Members shall enjoy all the privileges and be subject to all the obligations of membership in the Association without payment of annual dues.
  14. Section 1. A. The Board of Directors shall consist of not more than thirty members, one-third of whose terms shall expire each year. New directors shall be elected by the Board at its annual meeting to serve for a term of three years or until their successors are elected. A director shall not be eligible for re-election to the Board upon completing three (3) three year terms of office; provided, however, that this term limitation shall not apply to a Director who is then an officer of this Association and who is in a normal progression through such offices to the Presidency; provided, further, that the out-going President of the Association shall remain on the Board of Directors for a period of one year after completing his term as President.
  15. B. A Director whose term of office expires after reaching seventy years of age and who has either been a past President or who has served at least two consecutive three year terms of office shall become eligible to be elected an Honorary Director. He may be elected concurrent with the expiration of his term or at any time thereafter in the discretion of the Board of Directors. Honorary Directors shall be elected by the Board of Directors and shall not have to stand for re-election, shall not be counted in the thirty member Board, shall be entitled to participate in debate and discussion, but shall not have voting privileges.
  16. Section 2. The Board of Directors shall have full authority on all Association matters, including the power to remove officers or members of the Board for just cause, and/or as otherwise provided in Article III, Section 2.
  17. Section 3. The Board of Directors shall have power to fill any vacancies among the officers or members of the Board of Directors.
  18. Section 4. The Board of Directors shall also perform the following:
  19. A. Appoint an Assistant Secretary, an Assistant Treasurer or legal counsel whenever the Board of Directors shall deem such appointment or appointments advisable.
  20. B. Approve the dates, locations and formats of all golf events.
  21. C. Fix the entry fee for stroke and match play tournaments, if included in the golf event format, and formulate rules governing play for such tournaments.
  22. D. Appoint local committees to conduct the tournaments.
  23. E. Appropriate and allocate all monies to be spent in running the golf events.
  24. F. Elect all officers for the ensuing year at the annual meeting of the Board.
  25. Section 5. An Executive Committee consisting of the President, the First, Second and Third Vice-Presidents, and immediate past President, the Secretary and Treasurer, and other Board members as appointed from time to time by the President, shall have and may exercise all the powers of the Board of Directors in the management of the Association during any and all times when the Board of Directors is not in session. The Secretary shall report all meeting of and all actions taken by the Executive Committee to the Board of Directors.
  27. Section 1. The officers shall be a President, First, Second and Third Vice Presidents, Executive Director, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.
  28. Section 2. All officers shall serve until their successors are duly qualified and elected. Two offices may be held by the same person excepting those of President, and First, Second and Third Vice-Presidents. The Executive Director position may, at the option of the Board, remain vacant or be filled and the Executive Director may, at the option of the Board, also assume the duties and have the powers of the Treasurer and/or the Secretary. The Executive Director shall assist the other officers and committees in their assignments and represent the Association in day to day matters.
  29. Section 3. The President shall have general management of the current affairs of the Association and shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors. The President shall also be an ex-officio member of all committees with the right to vote at meetings thereof.
  30. Section 4. The First Vice-President shall, in the event of the absence, death or physical inability of the President, act in his stead in all matters; and in the event of the absence, death or physical inability of both the President and the First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President shall act in their stead.
  31. Section 5. The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Association and deposit them in such bank as the Directors may direct. The Treasurer shall pay all bills incurred for activities authorized by the Board of Directors and present an annual statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Association at each annual meeting. The Treasurer shall send out all bills for dues. Any officer of the Association who handles funds shall be bonded. The Directors shall designate the amount of the bond to be written. Investments of Association funds by the Treasurer shall be made with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  32. Section 6. The Secretary shall attend to the correspondence of the Association, shall keep the minutes of the meetings, and shall furnish the name of applicants for membership to the Chairman of the Membership Committee. Income from tournament fees and other income shall be accounted for to the Treasurer as received. The Secretary shall prepare and send out all tournament notices, bulletins of interest to members, communications to the officers and directors for executive and other action, and other notices as requested by the President or Chairman of permanent committees. The Secretary shall have authority to incur any reasonable expense necessary for carrying out these duties.
  33. Section 7. The President, Treasurer, and Secretary are empowered to sign checks, drafts or other orders for the payment of money of the Association, and shall have access to any safe deposit box leased by the Association.
  35. Section 1. The annual meeting of directors shall be held between the dates of September 10th and October 15th of each year upon not less than ten days notice to the directors.
  36. Section 2. Directors present at meetings of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum.
  37. Section 3. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called from time to time by the President, or on request of any three directors, upon a five day written notice, or by telephone to the members of the Board.
  38. Section 4. The Nomination Committee shall submit, at the annual Board meeting, a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors. At this meeting, Board members may nominate other candidates for election to the Board of Directors.
  39. Section 5. The election to the Board as provided in Section 4 shall be by a plurality vote of all Board members present.
  40. Section 6. The newly-elected Board of Directors and the officers shall take office immediately following their election.
  42. Section 1. There shall be a Nomination Committee, Membership Committee and such other committees as the Board of Directors may approve.
  43. Section 2. The President shall appoint the Chairman of all committees and, with the assistance of each Chairman, shall appoint committee members. The President and Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all committees. Each Chairman has full authority to act, but as far as possible, shall maintain contact with members of the committee for purpose of receiving their advice and keeping them informed.
  45. Section 1. The initiation fees for membership and the annual dues shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  46. Section 2. Any member whose annual dues shall remain unpaid as of the 1st day of March shall cease to be a member of the Association and shall be dropped from the roll. A former member may be reinstated as a member, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, upon payment of the current initiation fees and dues.
  47. Section 3. The Board and Officers of the Association may accept donations from any source for the benefit of the Association.
  48. Section 4. The Board and Officers shall not receive any salary, but the Secretary and Treasurer may employ secretarial aid when necessary at reasonable expense to the Association.
  49. Section 5. A current member of this Association shall be granted a leave of absence upon submitting to the Secretary of this Association a written certification from the Secretary of his Club that he has been granted a leave of absence therefrom. If such leave extends beyond one year, it shall be recertified annually. During such leave, the member shall be excused from paying dues to this Association, but, he shall not participate in Association golf events. Upon his rejoining his Club as an active, dues paying member, he shall pay the current dues to this Association and shall, thereupon enjoy all the rights and privileges thereof. Any member requesting and/or granted a leave of absence hereunder who does not comply with this Section shall be subject to the provisions of Section 2 of this Article VIII.
  51. Section 1. These By-laws may be amended at any time by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members of the Board of Directors.
  53. Section 1. Upon dissolution of the Association, the Executive Committee shall, after paying or making provision for the payment of the liabilities of the Association, dispose of the remaining assets of the Association exclusively for the promotion of amateur golf, including junior golf, to such organization or organizations organized for the purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or other corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law.
  55. Section 1. The Senior Golf Association of Wisconsin, Inc. is organized as a non-stock corporation under Wisconsin law. The Association shall operate for the recreational and social benefit of its members.
  56. Amended September, 2011